Fundraising @ The Online Music Lessons Company

Are you looking to host a fundraising event for your kinder? A The Online Music Lessons Company fundraising workshop could help you hit your fundraising targets!

Original Concept

Something New For Everyone

Everybody has sold chocolates to raise funds at some stage. Not many people have had the chance to join a rock band to raise funds!

We have a number of innovative and fun workshops that will get your whole kinder community excited and looking forward to this fundraising event.

From learning instruments to making bands and singing songs we have a workshop that your community will love! To get a free info pack with our latest programs, click the button at the bottom of this page.

Cost Effective

Great Per Person Costs

Keep your cost base down and your raised funds high. Our workshops start at a low flat cost per session which enables you to charge per person and host a successful fundraising event for your kinder.

To find out just how low, use the button at the bottom of this page to request more information. Make sure you include the date of your fundraiser, location and the number of participants. If you would like help creating the perfect program, simply call us any time and we can work with you over the phone to craft the perfect fundraising event.

Host an Exciting Event

Increase Participation

For any fundraising event to be a success, you need lots of people to attend your event. Our fundraising workshops can kick off a night of activities or be a stand alone event. We'll even help with the marketing to make sure you get as many people there as possible.

When you host a The Online Music Lessons Company workshop, you're sure to get a great turnout!

More Information

Where to find more information

We'd love to chat directly to discuss the ways we could tailor a program to suit your kinder. Send us an email from our contact us page. Or call us directly at our office on 1300 46 7625.

Free Information Pack

Click here to receive a free information pack including our latest fundraising workshop programs.