Kinder Music @ The Online Music Lessons Company

The Online Music Lessons Company run high quality music programs for kinders.

Built upon the Early Years Learning Framework and setting the stage for children to progress into instrumental lessons, our kinder music programs are fun, bright and create a solid foundation for children to begin their music education.

Innovative, Original Curriculum

Our Curriculum
Fun, engaging, seriously good foundation

At The Online Music Lessons Company, we’ve dedicated years to the development of our curriculum. We use games and fun musical activities to have all the children at your kinder playing and singing along.

Because we also teach instrumental lessons to advanced primary school students, we know exactly what is required at kinder to give children a head start when they move up to primary school music. Our curriculum builds the foundational skills that our primary school curriculum is built upon.

We have many different themed sessions and can tailor a program to suit your kinder.

Early Years Learning Framework

Our curriculum builds on the concepts and skills in the Early Years Learning Framework. By using this framework, you can be confident knowing your children are getting the best possible start to their musical education.

High Quality, Engaged Teachers

Our Staff

At The Online Music Lessons Company, we receive many job applications every day. So many that we had to put a special page on our website just for people to apply. By carefully selecting only the very best applicants to begin the training process, we can ensure that The Online Music Lessons Company really does have the very best music teachers around. We start with the most motivated and enthusiastic teachers then we work with them to train them in our methods before they enter the classroom. They then also receive ongoing training and support ensuring all our teachers are always up to date with the latest innovations and developments in music education.

More Information

Where to find more information

We'd love to chat directly to discuss the ways we could tailor a program to suit your kinder. Send us an email from our contact us page. Or call us directly at our office on 1300 46 7625.

Free Information Pack

Click here to receive a free information pack including a 16 page booklet outlining the best ways to integrate a music program into your kinder.