Classroom Programs @ The Online Music Lessons Company

The Online Music Lessons Company run curriculum based classroom music programs designed to give every student at your school the chance to participate in a quality instrumental program.

These programs are designed for whole classes to participate together and can be run for groups of up to 30 students at a time.

Programs run for a half or whole term and can be for a single year level or every student at your school.

State and National Curriculum Based

Our Curriculum

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that builds on the skills outlined in the national and state curricula for The Arts (music).

By making sure we are covering all the progression points listed in the curriculum, you can be sure your students are receiving quality educational value from their time spent in music.

The curriculum pushes students to take creative risks and develop their self esteem and confidence in a safe and fun environment.

Fun and Engaging

Capture every child's imagination

We offer a number of different classroom programs, each designed to capture student's imagination and interest. Student's are challenged to extend their creativity and problem solving skills as well as working in a team to achieve a goal.

We work with schools to customise our programs to suit your students perfectly. Call us for more information and to get a tailored program just for your school.

Student Reporting

Clearly Defined Reporting Criteria

Through our classroom workshop programs, your teachers are provided with reporting and assessment guidelines to help them accurately assess each student's performance.

Performance Opportunities


All our classroom programs build towards students being able to perform as a group.

The performance pieces are real songs that students recognise and relate to.

These performances can happen at a school assembly to other students, at a specially organised performance night or even at school fetes and special events.

More Information

Free Trial Class

To book a free trial class or find out more about how we can tailor a classroom program to suit your school, contact us here.

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