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The Online Music Lessons Company run high quality instrumental music programs in schools.

Innovative, Original Curriculum

Our Curriculum
Fun, engaging, seriously good foundation

At The Online Music Lessons Company, we’ve dedicated years to the development of our curriculum. We teach contemporary pieces in a fun and engaging way while at the same time teaching students the fundamental building blocks of all music.

The curriculum covers music theory and technical skills as well as performance pieces. Our teachers work with each student individually to ensure they are learning material that is appropriate for their ability as well as meeting their individual tastes and interests.

Advanced Timetable Management

Lesson Management
Custom database built to know exactly what's going on

Schools are busy places and it's never been more important that schools know where all their students are at any given moment. We use a proprietary management system to digitally track every single lesson live as it is happening. Our teachers use a custom iPhone app to record their lessons and always stay up to date with any changes.

At The Online Music Lessons Company, our administration team handle everything from scheduling to payments and are in constant contact with parents and schools so everyone always knows what's happening. Is there a curriculum day at your school next week? We'll check the newsletter to find it and schedule around it all without your school having to do anything.

Make sure there is absolutely no extra work created for your school by letting The Online Music Lessons Company handle it all!

High Quality, Engaged Teachers

Our Staff

At The Online Music Lessons Company, we receive many job applications every day. So many that we had to put a special page on our website just for people to apply. By carefully selecting only the very best applicants to begin the training process, we can ensure that The Online Music Lessons Company really does have the very best music teachers around. We start with the most motivated and enthusiastic teachers then we work with them to train them in our method before they begin teaching. They then also receive ongoing training and support ensuring all our teachers are always up to date with the latest innovations and developments in music education.

Parent Feedback

The The Online Music Lessons Company Lesson Diary

Parents need to know what students are working on in lessons. We have found that the most successful students have parents who are actively engaged and helping at home. That is why we developed our own Lesson Diary. The specially formatted diary includes a section for the teacher to make notes on exactly what is happening in lessons as well as sections for parents to help with motivating students to practice at home.

End of Semester Reports

All The Online Music Lessons Company students receive end of semester reports. These detailed reports give accurate feedback on student progress and help parents stay up to date with their child's development. We can distribute our reports directly to parents or submit them to your school for inclusion with student's end of semester school reports.

More Information

Where to find more information
Call or Email

We'd love to chat directly to discuss the ways we could tailor a program to suit your school. Send us an email from our contact us page. Or call us directly at our office on 1300 46 7625.


For lots more detailed information on our instrumental lessons, please check out our FAQs page.

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