Team Building @ The Online Music Lessons Company

If you're looking for something to motivate your staff and get them thinking creatively, why not try a The Online Music Lessons Company team building workshop?

These workshops are designed for school staff (whether they're musically inclined or not) to come together and work as a team in ways they haven't before. The workshop will have your staff laughing, singing and taking creative risks in front of each other.


Work as a Team

Our team building workshops are designed to have everyone on your staff working as a team to learn songs and perform for each other.

Your staff will be pushed outside their comfort zone in a safe and fun environment where they can bond and relate to each other on whole new levels.

Have Fun

Engage Your Whole Staff

Everyone on your staff is encouraged to participate in the workshop in a way they are comfortable with. By making it a fun relaxed experience everyone feels comfortable with having a go.

The workshops are designed to achieve outcomes but in a way that makes it feel more like a jam session than a formal event.

Think Differently

Different Thoughts, Different Outcomes

The workshops create a fun, relaxed environment where staff are encouraged to take creative risks and have a go. There's no better way to engage someone's creative thinking than have them participate in an activity that stimulates parts of their brain that they normally wouldn't use.

By actively engaging the creative, musical part of their brains, your staff will be better placed to find new solutions to old problems and see the world through fresh eyes.

You could include a team building workshop as part of a staff planning day or simply hold it as a one off event to get your staff working together and thinking differently.

More Information

Contact us to discuss your team and get a detailed brochure of all our latest team building programs.